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Conventional wisdom will tell you 80% of bad conduct comes from only a few sources. When it comes to license infringement, counterfeits or grey market this statement stands the test. The challenge is the ability to collect relevant data and evidence that points to the major source.  With the complexity of the global supply chain it is important to have a platform capable of accessing worldwide data points from the physical product.   


Finding key evidence in a complex world

From one North America project in aftermarket auto-parts, we discovered products falsification. These parts were being sold through some small retailers but investigation lead to one major distributor which had an 15% market share with some 5,000 branches nationwide. If we had just relied only on online data we would have missed the key evidence that lead to the major threat. Armed with geotagged images of the parts our detection and analytics tool was able to isolate and target the major supplier. The original small dataset lead to a chain-of-evidence with a much greater ROI. With the help of our trained global team of field agents using our Mobile App this type of research was archived in about 10 days a process that typically takes most investigators more than 60 days to achieve.    


The results gave our client the data needed to request the distributor to remove the parts from circulation. By cutting of the larger distributor it would eliminate secondary distribution. 


AllVirtuous offers you Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) with global on-demand teams, conducting investigations that you direct and generating data and evidence that helps you focus on high-level actionable targets.  Contact us today to learn more!

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